Family Life Insurance Story – Bob

By Randall Rothschild | Family Life Insurance Story

Apr 15
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Bob, Jill and family life insurance story


ob, Jill & Family…

Jill McCarthy’s father died in a work-related accident that left her mother and the children to fend for themselves. So when life insurance agent Stuart Grossman met Jill during an employee presentation on insurance benefits at a local nursing home, he didn’t need to explain to her the value of insurance.

Jill and her husband Bob, a 37-year-old delivery truck driver, were in the process of buying a home. Each of them owned a small life insurance policy. But Jill, knowing the hard-ships that could befall a family, was determined to obtain additional protection.

The McCarthy’s wanted to drop their current coverage and purchase two larger life insurance policies. Stuart encouraged her not to drop her old policies, and certainly not until the new ones were in effect. Jill will always remember that advice.

One week later, Bob’s delivery truck rolled and hit a guardrail, killing him instantly. Jill was devastated and obviously concerned about her family’s future. She had four children and barely enough money in the bank to pay the funeral expenses.

Jill also didn’t know if the new insurance policy was in force, she had only signed an enrollment form electing to have a payroll deduction of the premium.

Stuart’s secretary noticed a story in the newspaper about the accident and informed him that the paperwork for the McCarthy’s new policy was on her desk. Stuart immediately called Jill to reassure her and said his company would pay her the insurance money simply based on the signed receipt for the payroll deduction.

Stuart also helped Jill receive payment from another insurance company on the original policy he had told her to hold on to. He called the company’s president and explained the immediacy of the situation. Three days later, Jill received a check from that company as well.

Today, Jill is back on her feet, owns her own home and a $250,000 life insurance policy. “If it wasn’t for Stuart, we wouldn’t have a roof over our heads,” said Jill. “I know the value of insurance, it keeps a family together.”


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