Health Insurance Basics -Series…

By Norman Chartwell | Health Insurance

May 08
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#1 in a series of (7) articles on Health Insurance Basics.


s soon as you realize you need health insurance, what is the first thing you want to know how to do?

How To Compare Medical insurance Plans And Get Affordable Health Insurance!

But before you can start comparing, you have to understand what all the jargon means and how to hold apples up to apples and oranges up to oranges so to speak.

Everyone needs an adequate medical insurance plan; but not everyone has access to the same types of medical insurance plans. In fact, the health insurance plan that’s offered to a one person may not be available to another person and even if it was, it might not be what their budget or their health situation requires.

So let’s go over the three practical ways of obtaining a health insurance:

  • Group Health Insurance

Many companies offer group medical insurance as a benefit to their workers; a number of these kinds of group health insurances allow you to add your partner and your children onto the medical insurance policy. Also, many organizations and associations offer group health insurance as an benefit to their members.

If your company provides group health insurance, find out. Or, if you belong to any clubs or associations, ask if they provide group health insurance plans.

  • Individual Health Insurance

Employers don’t always provide health insurance plans. However, you can acquire a private health insurance plan if your employer doesn’t offer one, you don’t qualify (yet) for insurance because you haven’t been with the company long enough to receive the benefit, or you cannot afford the policy they offer (many companies have been forced to have the employee pay for part of the insurance coverage because of skyrocketing health care cost associated with the Affordable Health Care Act (Obamacare).

If your company does not provide group health insurance; Or, if you do not belong to any clubs or associations, talk to your health insurance broker or agent about individuatl health insurance plans.

  • State-sponsored Health Insurance

If you aren’t employed, or your company doesn’t provide group health insurance and you cannot pay for or buy health insurance, you can call your state’s department of insurance for info about state-sponsored medical insurance plans. Depending upon your earnings, along with other factors your state considers, you and your relative might be eligible for very low-cost or free health insurance.

These are the three main ways people obtain medical insurance. In our next article, we will discuss the types of health insurance plans. We’ll go over jargon like, PPO, HMO, PPS…etc and this will also require that we discuss jargon like Deductible, Maximum Payout…etc. It should be fun, make sure you follow us 🙂