Online Life Insurance Quote or Offline…?

By Randall Rothschild | Life Insurance

Apr 13
Life Insurance Application Process. - Life Insurance Quote

#1  of 12 in the Life Insurance “Checklist For The Real World” series.

Step one in selecting a life insurance quote is will you go for an online life insurance quote or offline quote?

Online or Offline, it’s all human in the end.

Do you want to talk to an agent and have them punch in your information on a web site or on their own software program or do you want to type in your information as you see fit? By doing it yourself, you can go through all sorts of iterations like the policy coverage amount, wethere or not you smoke (if you do and you quit for a certain period of time you can be counted as if you don’t smoke) and many other things.

It really doesn’t matter, because in the end, it’s a human who takes over after a quote has been made. A real live person has to write the application or at the very least review it and write a cover letter and send it in.

However, it is recommend that you run your own quotes because there are some agents who will “tweak” the numbers to have your policy quote price come in artificially low. Sounds nice up front, but remember they can’t “tweak” anything but the quote. They certainly can’t tweak the insurance company to give you a lower price, that’s for sure. For more info on deceptive sales tactics, check out our (now famous) article series ” 7 life insurance sales tricks”.

Note: when you run your own quotes, look for a web site that has a height and weight entry for you to fill in, these types of quotes are usually more accurate to what your final price will be. And it should go without saying, be HONEST with your own quote. A paramedical examiner will be visiting you to check your height, weight and possibly blood and urine, so don’t lie!